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Launch of the Print Media Technician Programme

The Irish Printing Federation, in partnership with Design Print and Packaging Skillnet, is delighted to announce the launch of an innovative educational initiative – the Print Media Technician Programme.

This groundbreaking program represents a collaborative effort between the Irish Printing Federation and Design Print & Packaging Skillnet, aiming to provide the print industry with a comprehensive training pathway designed to nurture the essential human talent required to propel our sector into the future.

The development of this training solution comes in the wake of the discontinuation of the Print Apprenticeship program in Ireland. In recent years, the loss of training expertise and the infrastructure supporting apprenticeships left the industry with no choice but to create a new training regime.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the esteemed companies and industry leaders for attending the launch – Your attendance added immense value and prestige to the occasion, making it a memorable and inspiring gathering. Your insights, expertise, and shared experiences have enriched our understanding of the industry’s dynamics and provided invaluable perspectives for our collective growth. We deeply appreciate your commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration, which are pivotal for driving positive change and advancements. Thank you for your time, contributions, and for being an integral part of this event. We look forward to continuing this journey of collaboration and forging enduring partnerships in the pursuit of mutual success and progress.

Photos by Rick Taylor – First Focus Photography.

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