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Testimonials Masters Programme

The DPP Skillnet Masters programme is challenging but very relevant and rewarding and one of the main selling points to me was it is delivered over 11 months. All aspects can be applied to my business and professional life. Extremely knowledgeable and supportive tutors have helped me go from a novice to an expert in a few short months.  I have no hesitation in recommending the Masters in Professional Design Practice to anyone wanting to grow their business and learn new skills.

Favourite Quote from my Masters learning experience Finance Module from novice to expert! “Analysis of Annual Report would do justice to an experienced accountant”. “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young” Henry Ford

Angela Connolly – is President of the Interiors Association of Ireland. The Interiors Association is Ireland’s leading professional organisation of accredited Interior Designers, Interior Architects and Trade Suppliers. Angela’s presidential role involves strategic business planning, and membership promotion.

Angela established Conbu Interior Design in 2008 and works closely with architects, developers and private clients in the high-end residential sector and commercial market. Angela has an extensive business background, and is an experienced and qualified project manager.

This particular Master’s degree has interested me for many years. My colleagues within print and design who previously done the course have recommended it to me.

I found the course very interesting. I enjoyed meeting and connecting with people with print and industry; making new connections. Learning new skills with like -minded people while furthering my career by gaining recognition which will help develop my career.

“In teamwork, silence isn’t golden, it’s deadly.” From our teams module – which I loved! I particularly loved the Belbin profiles, and the group experience.

Debs is a European packaging sales manager with twenty years’ experience selling packaging into the multi-national medical device and pharmaceutical industry. Debs started in print and also has experience in, foils, laminates, labels, cartons, containers and injection moulding. She has a great understanding of packaging within the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

The Masters in Best Practice was exactly what I was looking for to refresh and grow my skills in communication, leadership, finance and marketing. A great learning experience. Tutors are very knowledgable, backed up with work life experience, friendly and approachable. Masters is challenging but highly recommended and like anything you get out of it what you are willing to put in.

Fergal Norris, Fergal is owner of Outburst Design. Over 26-years experience in design & print. Established Outburst Design 20-years ago – throughout this period Fergal has grown Outburst Design to provide a first class design & print service to many distinguished organisations in Ireland, including Government Departments, Semi-States and Corporates.

Having worked in the IT industry for many years in sales, technical and management roles, I realized I needed a change of direction. 

After researching the options, I came across this Masters in professional practice. It was what I was looking for; the course content was geared towards practical subjects which can be applied in our professional lives: leadership, communication, finance and marketing. It gave me the opportunity to work with experienced business owners who were at the same life stage. We learnt a lot from each other’s collective experience. The results were more that I had expected, within 8 months of attending the course, I had started my own business and haven’t looked back since. I’m glad I took the opportunity when it came up.

‘Transformational leaders are innovators who are constantly looking to the future and imagining what the world will look like. They are willing to take transformational steps to initiate change and bring their organization along with them on the journey.’

Hugh Guidera – Hugh is an experienced IT specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, with a wide range of experience from Technical Relationship Management to Solution consulting and People management. A former employee of Citrix and LogMeIn, he has solid background in SaaS Training & Webinar solutions, coupled with consultancy experience.

Working as a freelance consultant, Hugh has helped businesses move their training programs from the classroom to online virtual training in a short space of time.

I would highly recommend the MA in Professional Practice to anyone thinking of undertaking a Masters or looking to further develop their skills and qualifications. The course structure and content is really good as it progresses through the modules, which are very practical and applicable. The amount of insight gained from fellow students was also of huge value, due to the range and variety of experience shared. Overall for me, it was a challenging but very rewarding programme, which I really enjoyed and feel will benefit me immensely in practical terms.

Favourite Quotes – “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford .“Anyone that stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Henry Ford.

Gary Murray – Gary is packaging development manager with Birds Eye UK & Ireland, part of Nomad Foods. This is an R&D based role which involves managing packaging development on many brand and private label projects, from concept through to completion. Responsibilities also include driving large scale business growth projects, by working closely with suppliers, procurement and production.

Previously, with a strong background in Packaging, Print and Design, I have extensive experience with many reputable brands, in both the pharmaceutical and FMCG food sectors, and gained a broad knowledge of print and packaging processes.

I would highly recommend the MA in Professional Practise. The content and topics were highly relevant to me and I was able to add value to my business and the businesses I work with immediately and throughout the year. The quality of the lecturers was excellent, they had real life business experience in addition to the academic teaching required to support the learning. The sessions were interactive and engaging and the course content well-paced so it was possible to manage on top of a work schedule. The attendees also represented a good mix of business types and disciplines which added another valuable dimension to the learning.

Quote of the course: – Cash is a fact, profit is an opinion!

Helen O Reilly – Helen is an experienced sales and marketing consultant who has worked extensively in assisting businesses to better commercial success.

Helen enjoys working with a wide range of clients, mainly within the tourism sector; from hotels to visitor attractions, both large scale and niche, to assist them in maximising their revenue streams and working with them to build on their existing successes through the design and implementation of strategic commercial plans.

Finding a course that combined the creative elements of design with business acumen was important to me. This course remained engaging throughout all the different modules, particularly the team elements. The support from lectures has been unwavering. Decidedly, the most surprising factor for me is the incredible bonds built between peers. The group forged alliances during the first module and we have evolved into a supportive community of friends.

“Managers manage and leaders inspire” from the Leadership module.  This course is something I should have done years ago.

Katrina Gallagher – Self -published author & professional Chef-manager. Katrina has managed a business for twenty years, I also self -published my her first novel in 2018. Manager-turned-author, she is passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging create business-changing content. As a Chef-manager she is also responsible for everything that comes into and goes out-of the kitchen – including staff.

 Team efficiency, marketing strategy and profit margins, this course appealed to Karina because of the content and the delivery.

I had Known of the MA programme for many years, in those years I had seen many of my trusted friends in the Printing industry completing the programme with positive results and comments, I had always said to myself, I must do that programme sometime, but something always popped up and  I never made the time for it…I now realise that I should have made time for the MA programme as since I started the programme I have seen very positive results.

Each module in the programme is designed to give you a better grasp and understanding of the subject in both a practical and theoretical way, you will also get to meet other positive, like-minded people, who will also add their experience and learning to the process. If you are like me and you are sitting on the fence wondering will I or won’t I…just go for it, do it, put your name down for the programme and make some time for yourself for a change…..

My most memorable  quotation from the masters was “Cash is a Fact, Profit is an Opinion”, which was said by Patrick Reynolds our Finance Lecturer…

Paddy Gallagher

The Masters in Professional Practice has been a fantastic experience. Returning to education was, for me, the best decision I could have made for both my business and my personal development. The quality of each of the learning modules has provided me with a far deeper understanding of many of the core principles of modern business and the direct application of this learning has reaped great rewards. I feel I am facing into a market, full of opportunities, with confidence and renewed passion and direction. And I am certain the friendships gained along the way will stay with me for many years to come.

“If you want to get to the top, develop skills that complement what you already do best”

Zenger, Folkman, Edinger. “Making Yourself Indispensable”

Keith Robertson, Brand design & visual communications, . Keith worked in the design and print industry since 1995, he started his own business, KRMD Visual Communications, in 2013. Specialising in graphic design and brand management for a broad range of clients. KRMD established a solid relationship with a steady group of repeat customers. As business relationships have grown, so to have customers’ successes and 2019 Keith looked to undertake a programme to increase my learning and strengthen my offering for these clients, after all, what benefits me, benefits them