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About Design, Print & Packaging Skillnet

What is the Design, Print & Packaging Skillnet?

The Design, Print and Packaging Skillnet is a training network which works with companies in the design, print, packaging, signage and label sectors to deliver training solutions which will improve business performance.

Building on the work of the Design Ireland Skillnet and the Print and Packaging Skillnet, this network will continue to provide excellence in training opportunities.

The focus of the Design, Print and Packaging Skillnet is to provide strategic and cost-effective training solutions which will assist you to reduce costs and enhance competitiveness through enhanced skills and expertise. All of the training provided is in response to the expressed needs of companies in our industry.  The board work with companies through a training needs analysis process to define and prioritise the training needs each year.

You can access our range of subsidised programmes and influence what programmes are provided.

Benefits of joining DPP Skillnet

  • Increases profitability

    You have the opportunity to avail of relevant funded training initiatives with a significant reduction in training costs. Networking with other companies to share training further reduces training costs.

  • Promotes best practice

    Networking with other providers in your area of expertise provides opportunities to discuss common issues and learning from the experience of others.

  • Increases skills for you and your staff

    Provides access to a great choice in training initiatives and training providers

  • Convenience

    Training courses can be scheduled to suit your companies’ requirements. Training providers and courses can be customised to suit exact needs.

  • Certification

    Access to high-quality training and national certification up to MA Level

  • Increase Performance

    Learning new skills and knowledge increases confidence and improves personal performance.

  • Support

    The Design, Print and Packaging Skillnet is a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing you with affordable relevant training and networking events to further the development of our sector.

About Skillnet Ireland

The primary objective of Skillnet Ireland is to increase participation in enterprise training by companies. We believe that training and up-skilling are key elements in keeping companies competitive in both a domestic and international context. We also believe that training and upskilling significantly enhances the career mobility of the workforce.

Skillnet Ireland fosters an enterprise led approach to workforce development. The process of determining training needs and coordinating the delivery of training, is primarily owned by the enterprise groups engaged with Skillnet Ireland.

Skillnet Ireland operates under a joint investment model, part-funded by matching contributions from participating businesses in our learning networks. This approach has received international recognition as a model of best practice from the OECD and ILO, amongst others.

Encouraging enterprise to lead the process in this way helps ensure that programmes delivered through Skillnet Ireland are highly relevant to the needs of industry. This approach also enables cohesive enterprise networking and the flexibility to respond to ever-changing skills demands through both formal and informal learning.