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Competitive Advantage for SME In Company Training

Original price was: €1,800.Current price is: €295.

As the leader of your business you are faced with many challenges, you have not just to ensure that the business is right for today’s market but also for the future.  In these changing times this is incredibly challenging. The DPP Skillnet has made available to its members a limited number of Support Programme using proven practices from the best performing SME businesses. Delivered as a One Company dedicated programme, it will give you the support and coaching to review your present Business and develop your plan for the future.

This programme is designed specifically with the owners and the management teams in small to medium businesses in mind. It is not theory or academic. It is practical and deals with the real issues in business. It is delivered by a team of people who have real experience in business and proven track record.

  • Develop a visual roadmap for your business
  • Establish clear goals and strategies for delivering the visual roadmap
  • Achieve greater focus and team commitment
  • Create a shared, company-wide vision of success
  • Embed business disciplines across your business
  • Develop the ability to anticipate and manage change

Throughout this in-house programme, you and your team will be given practical solutions that can be applied immediately to your business through the dedicated support of professional trainers and mentors.

In Response to the Covid 19, DPP Skillnet has heavily funded a number of these Programmes for Printing Companies. The cost has been reduced from €1,800 to €295