Work place well being

Work place well being

The World Health Organisation believes the workplace is an ideal setting in which to promote mental and physical health.  The research, conducted in Ireland to coincide with National Workplace Well being Day (April 13th) also showed that nearly half of the 1,000 employees surveyed would leave a job where an employer doesn’t care about their well being.


Benefits of promoting Mental Health in the Workplace

·         Productivity and Performance

Mental health promotion can boost productivity and performance. A good working environment can help increase morale, teamwork and communication.

·         Staff Turnover

Staff Turnover is reduced by putting effective mental health strategies in place and so is the associated costs with recruitment and training.

·         Reputation

With the development of mental health programmes, the reputation of the company is enhanced. This will also have a positive effect for future recruits and it also demonstrates corporate social responsibility.


Early signs of mental health distress at individual and organisational level

Organisational level:

  • Lower quality of work
  • Increased Absenteeism
  • Poor teamwork and collaboration between departments
  • Less customer friendliness and poor services
  • Work not finished, less productivity, more overtime.

Individual Level:

  • Changes in a person‘s usual behaviour
  • Poor performance
  • Changes in emotional mood
  • Increased sickness
  • Problems with colleagues


Practical steps to implement wellbeing in the workplace:

  • Information and Awareness workshops
  • Have regular meetings with staff to identify issues of concern
  • Discuss workload and mental health in performance reviews
  • Incorporate mental health strategies in the policies of the organisation
  • Promote greater employee participation in decision making
  • Implement relevant training and encourage management to show their interest in the mental health of workers.

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