Professional Sales Training

Professional Sales Training

Great to kick off 2020 with the final day of the Hunter Sales Programme subsidised by Design Print and Packaging Skillnet. Congratulations to all who took part in this excellent programme, where Progressive and resilient Irish companies continue to focus on developing best practices and professional approaches across their organisations.

We are looking forward to running this programme again in 2020.  

he Hunter Sales Programme is built around the Track Selling System which addresses the five universal buying decisions which always occur in the following order:

1. The salesperson

2. The company

3. The product

4. The price

5. The time to buy

There is a strong emphasis on the Buyer with particular emphasis on:

· People buy for their reasons, not yours

· People buy from you because you truly believe in what you are selling

· People don’t buy because they understand what you are selling, they buy because they think you understand what they need

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