GDPR is still a headline item

Training your staff is vital!

We have a two tiered approach to GDPR training. The first an introduction for all staff that handle any form of data and the second a programme for managers who will have to ensure your organisations compliance.

We will provide up to 20 employee registrations with every manager licence purchased. Additional registrations can be purchased for a nominal fee.  Making your staff aware of their responsibilities is a huge part of the regulation.

Level 1

Our introductory-level programme will provide an overview of current Data Protection Legislation

and help you ensure your teams are compliant with current legislation and that they can identify their roles in maintaining GDPR compliancy.

Level 2

Our level 2 Managers programme will assist your managers to implement GDPR policies and procedures to keep you in line with the upcoming changes.

Who should take part?

Employees who are in regular contact with client or employee personal information, including:

  • Front line staff
  • Customer support and call centre teams
  • Human resources staff
  • Legal secretaries
  • Financial services sales and administration
  • Accounts personnel
  • Line managers in admin, sales, marketing and HR
  • Database administrators and document management staff

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