Excel Part 1

Excel Essentials and Formulas Course

Course Content for Excel Part 1

Module 1: Getting Started with Excel 2016  

  • Navigate the Excel User Interface  
  • Use Excel Commands  
  • Create and Save a Basic Workbook  
  • Enter and Edit Cell Data  
  • Fill Cells with Series of Data (fill handle)  

Module 2: Performing Calculations  

  • Create Worksheet Formulas  
  • Insert Functions and use Autocomplete  
  • Reuse Formulas and Functions  
  • Create an Absolute Reference  

Module 3: Modifying a Worksheet  

  • Insert, Delete, and Adjust Cells, Columns, and Rows  
  • Move and Copy Data between Cells  
  • Search for and Replace Data • Use Spellcheck and Proofing  

Module 4: Formatting a Worksheet

  • Apply Text Formats  
  • Apply Number Formats  
  • Align Cell Contents  
  • Apply Cell Styles  

Module 5: Printing Workbooks  

  • Preview and Print a Workbook  
  • Controlling Page Layout  
  • Adding Headers and Footers  
  • Set Print Titles and Print Ranges  

Module 6: Managing Workbooks  

  • Manage Worksheets  
  • Insert and Delete Worksheets  
  • Worksheet Views (freeze pane)

This course will run on the 6th August 2019

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