Effective Communication Skills Workshop

Effective Communications Workshop

This course aims to give participants a way of communicating consistently to each other.

It helps to better understand communication styles and participants own style of communication in a more efficient friendly way.
It will increase participant’s self-awareness that will in turn build confidence and improve communications skill and in turn, find it easier to ‘influence’ others.

Objectives of Effective Communications Workshop

  • Learn how to recognise the difference between Assertive, Aggressive and Passive behaviours.
  • Maximise their positive impact on those around them
  • Understand when to apply certain behaviours in certain situations.
  • Be equipped with tools to deal with different behaviours.

Content of Workshop:

The trainer will work with participants to assess and have a further understanding of why and how:

  • People differ in how they perceive, understand and process information about the world.
  • Each person displays a pattern of relative strengths; learn how to work on them.
  • There is no best style or approach to communications, different types are simply different, and each brings talent and value to work and to life.

The Communication process

  • Types of communication, when is each appropriate
  • How people differ in how they perceive, understand and process information about the world.

Which communication style do you use?

  • Barriers to communication and how to overcome them
  • Are you hearing what people are saying? reduce error and increase awareness with the art of active and empathic listening
  • Mastering questioning techniques to ensure understanding
  • Introduction to transactional analysis
  • Assertiveness methods and techniques

Duration:        1 Day (Monday, 10th June 2019 – 9.30am to 5pm)

Format:          Class Room

Venue:        SureSkills Limited, 14 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2

Cost:            €140 per participant

Book a place:    Email maureen@dppskillnet.ie

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