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The following is a list of upcoming courses –  all heavily subsidised with some costing 50% less when booked with Design Print and Packaging Skillnet.

Professional Sales Training

Professional Sales Training

Great to kick off 2020 with the final day of the Hunter Sales Programme subsidised by Design Print and Packaging Skillnet. Congratulations to all who took part in this excellent programme, where Progressive and resilient Irish companies continue to focus on developing best practices and professional approaches across their organisations.

We are looking forward to running this programme again in 2020.  

he Hunter Sales Programme is built around the Track Selling System which addresses the five universal buying decisions which always occur in the following order:

1. The salesperson

2. The company

3. The product

4. The price

5. The time to buy

There is a strong emphasis on the Buyer with particular emphasis on:

· People buy for their reasons, not yours

· People buy from you because you truly believe in what you are selling

· People don’t buy because they understand what you are selling, they buy because they think you understand what they need

Training for Design Print and Packaging

Do you have a training requirement for 2020?

We will in the next 2 weeks be circulating our schedule of training for the coming months. In addition to our publicly advertised programmes, Design Print and Packaging Skillnet can also support company specific training and up-skilling requirements. We can subsidise your training course.

Contact Brian on +353 (87)292 8900 to discuss your bespoke / in-house learning needs.

If you have a training need, be it large or small, technical, operational or management we want to speak to you. Contact us to talk about any training you want us to run and subsidise. 

invest in training

Why invest in training?

Why invest in training? Here are some reasons why you should train your employees.  Typically, training is done for practical reasons – such as  

  • Keeping up with industry standards
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Onboard new employees 
  • Demo how to use the coffee machine
  • And the list goes on. 

All of these are critical parts of your companies relationship with your employees. In reality though, many businesses aren’t aware of the real importance of training employees and the measurable impact it has. 

At Design Print and Packaging Skillnet we’ve seen what training employees can do for businesses. We’ve helped organizations set up training programmes that not only reaped rewards for your employees, but your business as a whole too. 

Invest in training

To fully understand why you should invest in training, it’s vital to know why training is significant for employees.

1. Improves employee performance

The prime motivator for employee training is to improve productivity performance. And when executed well, it does just that. It provides your employees with the expertise they need to fulfill their role and make a positive impact on your business. The skills they learn empower them to deliver a better quality of work with a fast turnaround rate. 

It also gives your hires a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities within your comapny. They know their targets and they’re equipped with the tools to effectively meet them. 

2. Increases engagement

Engaged employees have an increased level of productivity – it’s as simple as that! Through training, you’re continuously engaging your employees and enabling them to engage back. There is two-way communication, opinions and internal workings are shared, meaning your employees are always up to date with what’s going on. They care about their role and are more willing to commit their time and energy to the company.

3. Improves employee retention and growth

It’s common knowledge that the hiring and onboarding process can be a costly and time-consuming task. And a powerful by-product of increased performance and engagement through training is improved employee retention.

Training boosts a feeling of value in employees. It shows that you’re committed to providing them with the resources needed to ensure they’re doing a good job. In turn, they’re more likely to enjoy their work and remain in your organization for longer. One of the biggest benefits is that you’ll have more opportunities to hire from within, reducing recruiting and onboarding costs for your business.

4. Consistency in training

Creating consistency within an organization is difficult. But training helps reduce a disparity between your teams. Each employee has a baseline knowledge of their individual and their team’s goals, putting everyone on the same page. Additionally, employees all receiving the same training means they share responsibility and are aware of their role on the team.

6. Address internal weaknesses

A lack of awareness of internal weakness is a hazardous thing within an organization. Training overcomes this as you can educate your employees on important subjects that help overcome and avoid any issues.

7. Happier customers

Perhaps the most impactful aspect of employee training is its beneficial effect on your business’s growth. Simply put, better-trained employees make more productive team members, and this results in customer retention increases – happier customers stick around for longer and buy more. This can powerfully fuel your business’s growth.

So you can see we recommend you invest in training and contact us to see how we can subsidise this training for you.

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The Role of Skillnet

by Diarmuid Everard

I am delighted to take over the role of Chairperson of the Design print and Packaging Skillnet.

In doing so I would like to express our gratitude to Joe O’Callaghan for his chairmanship of the Skillnet and to the members of the steering committee for their time and expertise as volunteers to contribute to the overall well- being our sectors.

Read the full article here

Thank you Joe

Last Thursday night, Design Print and Packaging held a presentation for our past Chairman to express our gratitude to Joe O’Callaghan for his chairmanship of the Skillnet and to the members of the steering committee for their time and expertise as volunteers to contribute to the overall well- being our sectors.

Our new Chairman Diarmuid Everard presented Joe with a small token of our appreciation for all his hard work and dedication.

Thank you Joe for everything, we are delighted you are staying on our steering committee. We would like to also take this opportunity to and to the thank all the members of the steering committee for their time and expertise as volunteers to contribute to the overall well- being our sectors.

Skillnet Ireland named Best Agency Support to Business

We are delighted to announce that Skillnet Ireland has been named ‘Best Agency Support to Business’ in the InBusiness Recognition Awards 2019. Commenting on the award win, Paul Healy, Chief Executive of Skillnet Ireland said;

“2019 was a milestone year for Skillnet Ireland as we celebrated our 20th anniversary. In those twenty years we have built a strong foundation and connections with industry, Government and educational institutes. This has put us in an ideal position to respond quickly and effectively to the challenge’s businesses face across the economy. Being recognised for ‘Best Agency Support to Business’ at the InBusiness Recognition Awards is a great honour for us. It reflects not only the work of the Skillnet Ireland team but that of our network managers, our industry representative bodies and the Skillnet steering groups that drive the success of each Skillnet learning network that provide the foundation to enable businesses to succeed through workforce development”.

Training for Design Print and Packaging

Training for Design Print and Packaging

Our network’s objective is to improve business performance, through impactful training, something we have been successfully supporting since 2006.

Our role is to understand your needs and find and subsidise that best training solutions. We do this by running a range of open programmes as well as bespoke in-company training across the Design (Graphic, interior, architects etc), Print (Litho, Digital, Finishing, Materials) and Packaging sectors.

If you have a training need, be it large or small, technical, operational or management we want to talk to you. We want to hear about what training you want us to run and subsidise. We want to hear from you if you are not exactly sure of what we can do but would like to understand a bit more.

Please feel free to email us if we can be of assistance now.

sales traning

Excellent Upcoming Sales Course

Have you seen our upcoming Sales Training Programme – Our Price is more than 25% off the RRP for this Course.

Full details on the course available here

The purpose of this programme is to provide the sales team with leading, practical methods of selling in a competitive environment. There are three key deliverables:

· Increase self-awareness and ability to successfully interact with others

· Easily apply proven best practices in selling

· Develop effective personal business disciplines in the areas of: improved communication, time management and assertiveness

Shaping the future of print

Shaping the Future of Print

Intergraf, with the support of Smithers and NOPA (The Nordic Offset Printing Association) is pleased to announce its first speakers for the Shaping the Future of Print Conference.

The event will look at Commercial Print defined as the production of brochures, leaflets and catalogues. Topics covered will include market trends, online-print, environmental aspects and European legislation affecting the sector.  Speakers will come from academia, the European Commission and industry. The conference takes place in cooperation with Smithers, a renowned market research institute for the printing industry who will deliver the market and statistical figures. The conference report including the Smithers market data will be made available to all participants.

Participants attending the conference will hear from printing industry experts, including from industry, academics and the European Commission. A panel discussion will focus on unaddressed advertising and the future of this advertising medium in many European cities. Throughout the day, real-life case studies will be presented to demonstrate the topics discussed, including sustainability.

The first set of speakers announced for shaping the future of print event are:

  • Jannick Schmidt, University of Aalborg (Denmark)
  • Mark Davies, European Letterbox Association (UK)
  • Markus Hofmann, Leonard Kurz Stiftung (Germany)
  • Philippe van Ongevalle, Febelgra (Belgium)
  • Miguel Delcour, KVGO (The Netherlands)
  • Paul Verspoor, Intergraf Environmental Consultant
  • Name TBC, European Commission
  • Name TBC, Smithers

The conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rue Ginestre, in Brussels. To attend this event on on 19-21 February 2020, kindly return your completed Registration Form to Annie Scanlan at Intergraf: Intergraf has reserved a limited number of rooms at the Crowne Plaza which can be booked through the link provided on the registration form.

Further speakers and organisations will be communicated over the coming weeks. Up-to-date information on the agenda can be found on the event website here.

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