Adobe Photoshop CC – Part 1

Adobe Photoshop
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  • Adobe Photoshop CC - Part 1
    March 28, 2019
    9:15 am - 5:00 pm

This course focuses on some of the basic features of Photoshop so that the student can navigate the environment and use Photoshop tools to create or manipulate images. Getting Started with Photoshop Organize the Photoshop Workspace Customize the Photoshop Workspace Creating Basic Images Manage Image Elements and Formats Understanding Image basics, size, resolution, etc Managing Read More

Stock is dead, long live stock


Not every project has the budget or timeframe to fly out to the Antartic (or even down the road to Athlone) to get a perfect shot for that flier or landing page. That’s when creative types turn to outside vendors for some help. Enter the humble stock photo. It used to be true that most imagery of this type had …