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Strategic Skills for owner managers

Strategic skills are urgently required for owner managers in all industries.  If you run and own your own business you need a wide range of skills to stay on top of your game.  We are providing specific training to owner managers to give you the strategic knowledge to make the most of your business opportunities.


In line with the national skills strategy and the Skillnets Statement of Strategy we are proposing the development of this new programme in order to facilitate the creation of a learning methodology that will work for our members and sector.  It will include a great degree of flexibility in both content and delivery.  As time (or the lack thereof) is of concern to our members we will endeavour to create a programme that will work with your lifestyle and be achievable while working full time.

Course content

We have met with, talked to and surveyed our members to develop the overall requirements for the programme. We have come up with a list of current skills gaps that senior managers must fill if they are to remain competitive. The following is the list ranked in alphabetical order;

  • Decision making
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Sales & revenue growth
  • Strategy
  • Time management

Each of these topics will be included in the programme as part of the core requirements or as an elective.  Other electives will be decided by the individual participants following discussion with a mentor at the beginning of the programme.


This is an exceptionally innovative programme we have based our development of the programme on the belief that Life-long learning is about learning throughout life; not limited to a particular age or institution; learning at all times, everywhere. The JRC (Education and Training in 2025 (2010)) proposed that;

  • Learning will be integrated and absorbed into in everyday activities.
  • Schooling will become a less important focus for learning as learning moves into the workplace, community and home.
  • It will become common for people to move between occupations with learning key to supporting such moves.
  • Students will choose to learn with people from their own network.
  • Professional networks will be one of the main ways of education.
  • We will have to develop skills in picking up relevant learning resources from an overwhelming wealth and variety of material and build our own learning trajectories around them.


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