Lasting Impressions


Who would have thought that this late into the second decade of the decidedly fast-moving and screen-focused twenty-first century we would rediscover our love of that most enduring of printing methods; Letterpress? There is really no other method of printing that gives such a sense of firm and immutable permanence. The type is bolder, the paper stock thicker and the impression set deeper than any other form of printing we use today.

The huge high-volume presses that create the vast majority of printed material impart plenty of colour, but barely kiss the paper before flinging it on through the rollers to the next plate. In comparison, the well-worn letterpress moves at a sedate pace, deliberately sinking the ink into the stock. It’s firm pressure combining the two, insisting on the truth that they belong together forever. It is easy to see why this method of printing is so often used when romance and union are the reason for ink being committed to the page. Wedding invitations and joyous events find a perfect medium through which to call out to us in letterpress.

These days the medium is largely the realm of small artisanal studios producing bespoke work all over the country. It is easier than ever to find a local curator of the art form through online sources. Check some of those listed below to see how well the impressions of the past travel forward into the future.

Image credit: Glenn Fleishman


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