Illustration with Steve Simpson – 2 day masterclass

  • Illustration masterclass
    November 28, 2018 - November 29, 2018
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm


“By combining illustrated characters, hand lettering, limited colour palettes and a little design structure we can create standout packaging. Back in the pre-digital days of the 1950s & 60s the packaging designer was not just a graphic designer, they were also the hand letterer and illustrator – designs from this period, in my opinion, are more stand out and cohesive because of this.” Steve Simpson, illustrator/graphic designer

This course is designed for both beginners starting in the industry to those already established. Particularly those wishing to explore packaging design from a hand drawn, illustration perspective.

Working on a single 2 day project from rough thumbnail sketch ideas to impactful cohesive designs, combining hand drawn typography with illustration using traditional materials (Digital devices are only used for research).

In this course, you will:

  • cover the fundamentals of workflow, from thumbnail sketches to analogue colour mockups
  • integrate hand drawn type and graphic design with character illustration
  • develop illustrated barcodes
  • work with a limited palette
  • create impactful illustrated design
  • explore traditional hand drawn lettering

Student should bring along the following:

  • Sketchbook
  • Scissors/scalpel
  • Ruler
  • (Prit stick or similar)
  • Pencils, fibre tip pens and colouring materials (watercolour/inks/coloured pencils/markers – your choice – from experience watercolours/coloured pencils have proved the easiest to work with)
  • Laptop/ipad or smartphone for accessing search engine for reference material (not for creating artwork)
  • A couple of sheets of A3, medium weight, smooth watercolour paper