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  • Find your focus
    January 31, 2018 - February 28, 2018
    9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Value what you offer

This programme runs over a day and a half in Jan and Feb and is an essential skill for every designer.

If you know what you’re offering and have your ‘messaging’ right, how come discussions around fees are the hardest to crack?

There’s a misconception that selling a branded product is easier than selling yourself.  We tend to see selling as a little bit, well ‘yucky’, something other people do. That’s our first mistake.

The full day workshop is about you, getting rid of misconceptions, whether you’re on-line or off-line.  It’s knowing what you offer is of value. Perhaps more importantly taking a fresh look at how you communicate. Often we don’t see or hear ourselves as other people do. The second mistake.

Once the day is over, we’ll reconvene a month later for a half day full on follow-up session to make sure you’re still on track. This is how you learn to avoid making the third mistake.

The reality is we all sell, all of the time.  Unwittingly or not.  We just don’t see it that way and therein lies the problem.  A client wouldn’t dream of bargaining down the rates of their dentist or solicitor for example, so why allow a conversation around fees and budgets to devalue your service?

The most practical solution lies in changing your perceptions, to re-examine what and how you communicate so you’re able to deal with those ‘tricky’ conversations, better still pre-empt them!

In an increasingly visual world where everyone thinks they can be their own designer, believing that good taste and design comes together effortlessly by going on-line and watching a few you-tube videos, you need to stand above the chatter. You need feel proud of the work you do and being a confident communicator, writing good copy and raising your profile will all help position and reposition you when your ethos is reflected in a voice that is consistent with your brand image. Everything that you put out there, from getting editorial coverage, to being interviewed on radio, says something about you.  Testimonials from clients speak volumes.

Asking the right questions of clients, identify real client needs which aren’t always obvious, then you’re in a position of offering the benefits, a solution which they want, rather than selling a service they don’t quite realise or appreciate they need.

FIND YOUR FOCUS is all about you, putting you in control. So you can stand back and evaluate what matters and keep doing a great job. We’ll take a good, objective look at

  • Who you are, what you do, what you’ve done
  • Look at the type of business you want
  • Clarifying your brand message
  • Identifying problem areas and refocus on the benefits
  • Key current issues
  • How you present to clients
  • Tailor and boosting your communication skills

This course will also share with you a practical, common sense methodology for planning any project.


Members – €180.00 Non-Members – €250

This course is run in association with the Interiors Association

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